Terms & Conditions

  • If any component or part should needs to be replaced this will incur additional cost.
  • Services are done in no more than 24 hours unless both parts agreed something different.
  • Storage in the shop for more than  a week will incur a charge of  2€ per day.
  • If the bike has not been collected after 40 days. It will be sell to recover the costs of parts, services and storage.
  • Services cover as agreed with the customer. Any changes or additional will be consulted with the customer beforehand.
  • Likewise, the customer shall not be entitled to claim additional repairs that have not been agreed within the service order.


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With Cycle to work scheme, you can get a bike, safety equipment and/or accessories tax-free, which means you can save between 29.5% – 49.5% of the cost. You can get just about any bike you like and/or selected safety equipment up to the value of €1,000, it’s good for your health and the environment too, and is as easy as following the next steps:

Pop by the Shop

We are open on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, You can also “add to quote” any product you would like up to €1000 and send your request to our team.


Choose any Bicycle and Accessories

You can choose a bicycle and any accessories up to €1000, which will be deducted from your monthly salary during 12 month.


Get a Quote from Us

 You’ll receive an e-mail with a quote from us within One working Day. Specifying every item with their price and VAT.


Bring it to your Employer

Print or E-mail your quote to your employer for them to process the payment for your purchase.


Receive Payment from your employer

After we have received the payment for your purchase or in case you have received a voucher please let us know by phone or E-mail with at least 24h in advance so we can proceed and  prepare your bicycle for collection.


Collect your Bike and enjoy!

You’re done! Now is time to enjoy your ride!


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